Shop Supplies

Pioneer Automotive Industries offers a wide array of Shop Supplies to complement our Engine, Transmission and Powertrain products. As the offering is constantly evolving, we recommend to contact us regarding your specific shop requirements.

Examples of items offered include:

Abrasives - Bonded-Grinding Wheels, Stones, Segments, Hones, Flexhones®, Diamond Tools, Coated Sanding, Polishing Chamfering

Brushes - Wheels, End, Cup, Loop, Scratch, Gallery, Cleaning, Brooms

Chemicals - Paint, Paint Markers, Adhesives, Aerosols, Cleaners, Solvents, Oils, Penetrants, Sealants, Silicones, UV Testing Equipment, Engine Dyes, AC Dyes, UV Crack Detection Products

Cutters - Carbide, Boring Bar, Files, Rotary, Blades

Fasteners - Grade 5, Grade 8, Metric, Specialty, Assortments

Thread Repair - Solid Inserts, Helically Coiled Inserts, Drill Bits, Taps

Tools - Machinist Tools, Precision Measuring Tools, Crack Repair, Valve Guide Tools & Accessories, General Shop Usage Items, Valve Spring Compressors, Torque Plates, Installation Tools (Piston, Cam Bearing, Harmonic Balancer)

Pioneer Shop Supplies Catalog
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PIONEER Shop Supplies
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