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Part Number : 771006

Original Equipment (OE) Part Interchange

TOYOTA: 8542010010

Features & Benefits

Pioneer Transmission Components are exact fit, no compromise replacement parts


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Part Number (in inches)

Fitment Notes

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1990 Geo Prizm All
1991 Geo Prizm All
1993 Geo Prizm All
1990 Toyota Celica All
1991 Toyota Celica All
1992 Toyota Celica All
1993 Toyota Celica All
1994 Toyota Celica All
1995 Toyota Celica All
1986 Toyota Corolla All
1987 Toyota Corolla All
1988 Toyota Corolla All
1989 Toyota Corolla All
1990 Toyota Corolla All
1991 Toyota Corolla All
1992 Toyota Corolla All
1993 Toyota Corolla L4 1.8L 1762cc 107cid
1987 Toyota MR2 All
1988 Toyota MR2 All
1989 Toyota MR2 All
1991 Toyota MR2 All
1992 Toyota MR2 All
1993 Toyota MR2 All
1994 Toyota MR2 All
1995 Toyota MR2 All
1992 Toyota Paseo All
1993 Toyota Paseo All
1994 Toyota Paseo All
1995 Toyota Paseo All
1996 Toyota Paseo All
1997 Toyota Paseo All
1998 Toyota Paseo All
1999 Toyota Paseo All
1996 Toyota RAV4 All
1997 Toyota RAV4 All
1994 Toyota Tercel All
1999 Toyota Tercel All
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